RE-VC Convention

RE-VC Convention

  • Exchange of expertise between RE-VC users
  • Discussion of new developments and requirements
  • Presentation of individual projects
  • New RE-VC features
  • Relaxed get-togehter
RE-VC Update

RE-VC Update

  • New software versions
  • Release Notes
Data Import

Data import

  • Directive on Real Estate Data Exchange (gif-IDA)
  • ICRED - international converter for real estate data
  • Interface documentation in German and English
  • Interface format sample file
  • Account mapping file
  • Import program
Administration Tools

Administration tools

  • Value Net Configurator
  • Value Net Spider
  • Value Net Report Engine
  • Value Net Data Connect
  • Value Net Data Transport
  • Value Net Administrator
Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

  • Real Estate Indicators
  • Business Indicators
  • Financial Indicators
  • Yield Indicators
  • Risk Indicators


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