FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers on the management topics in the RE-VC.

Key Performance Indicators

FAQ - Ticket system

Here, the minimum requirements for incoming error messages in the ticket system are described:

  • Error description
  • Screenshots
  • File attachment
  • Information about the object structure
  • Actions performed/origin
Key Performance Indicators

FAQ - Administration

In the Administration section we answer questions about

  • setup and configuration of the RE-VC
  • data import and the SQL databases
  • RE-VC authorizations and database roles and
  • further RE-VC administration tools.
Research & Basics

FAQ - Research & Basics

In this section we refer to the following questions:

  • Core data and their maintenance in RE-VC
  • Data quality and their assessment
  • RE-VC operation in general
Research & Basics

FAQ - Valutation

All questions relating property valuation are dealt with under this topic.

This also includes the functionalities of

  • survey report or
  • the provision of basic data from the RE-VC for the surveyor.
Research & Basics

FAQ - Portfolio & Asset Management

This section provides answers to questions about

  • the planning process,
  • the onboarding of new property managers,
  • the import of technical measures,
  • the data import of tenant lists for purchases or
  • the scenario technique in general.
Financial Management

FAQ - Financial Management

The FAQ - Financial Management deals with all questions concerning financing.

  • Creating and maintenance of loans and sharheholder loans
  • Swap and hedging
  • Mortgaging and
  • Covenants
Company Planning

FAQ - Company Planning

All questions about company planning are answered and tips on the corresponding test models are given. Furthermore, it is about

  • maintenance of share capitals/investments,
  • creation of business relationships,
  • controlling issues,
  • target/actual comparisons,
  • forecast or the like.
Funds Management

FAQ - Fund & Investment Management

Here you will receive answers to

  • statement of assets,
  • planning of distributions,
  • foreign currencies,
  • language settings or
  • other conversions.
Risk Management

FAQ - Risk Management

This area deals with

  • sensitivity analyses and
  • stress tests,
  • background jobs as well as
  • questions regarding the limit system.